Do You Really?

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  January 14th, 2014  ·  Posted in Business, Family  · 

It was a jaw dropping ice bowl this morning in my Wisconsin Wonderland.  MINUS 22 degrees and dropping.  Add the wind factor, -44 F, and I think we were pushing Mars temperatures.  School was cancelled, and I spent the morning at home, prepping breakfast for my son, Peter, so he didn’t wake up to an empty house, while my daughter, Niki, camped out over a girlfriends’ home. As the house filled with the aura of sautéed broccoli, scrambled eggs, and coffee, I  couldn’t help but snicker over Peter’s verbal escapades in family conversations recently.  Every time someone would make a […]

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Three Days of Thanksgiving: A Family Forged in Fire

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  December 5th, 2013  ·  Posted in Family  · 

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without giving thanks for my family. Even though ours was birthed in the most unlikely places, my husband Tim and I have forged a love strong enough to overcome a fiery start, an array of differences, and many faults.  From a long distance relationship, a nervous engagement, and a colicky child; through dead ends, winding roads, financial hardships, and lonely nights; and finally to a settled assurance that we weren’t made for each other, we made each other better. Tim completely complements me.  I couldn’t be who I am without him.  He makes me wiser and […]

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Three Days of Thanksgiving: Opportunities

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  November 28th, 2013  ·  Posted in Sports  · 

David Hanseder won a hand gun a couple years ago.  With all the deer on the private, fenceless, QDM property, this night he just wanted to sit in a pop up blind to shoot a doe with his new prize.  But with the forecast changing and the winds dropping, my Hunter suggested that with a rifle, he should sit in one of our bow stands back on a secluded 7 acre rye field. About 4pm, Dave texted that a huge Buck had come out in the SW corner of the field which was 250 yards away.  As the Buck slowly […]

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Three days of Thanksgiving: Grace

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  November 26th, 2013  ·  Posted in Faith  · 

Her words hung in the air, like fog, clouding my senses.  I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly.  “What did you say?” I asked.   Her voice was like maple syrup,  drawing me in.  Sweet, sincere, innocent, and loving.  Honestly, at times, it made me sick.  No one could be so humble, so perfect.  But here she was, one of my best friends and confidants of all things sacred. The perfect side of my imperfectness.  And I was good with that.  She made me better. “I promised her I wouldn’t work with you anymore,” Red said.  Her words came […]

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