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Do You Really?

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  January 14th, 2014  ·  Posted in Business, Family  · 

It was a jaw dropping ice bowl this morning in my Wisconsin Wonderland.  MINUS 22 degrees and dropping.  Add the wind factor, -44 F, and I think we were pushing Mars temperatures.  School was cancelled, and I spent the morning at home, prepping breakfast for my son, Peter, so he didn’t wake up to an empty house, while my daughter, Niki, camped out over a girlfriends’ home. As the house filled with the aura of sautéed broccoli, scrambled eggs, and coffee, I  couldn’t help but snicker over Peter’s verbal escapades in family conversations recently.  Every time someone would make a […]

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Three Days of Thanksgiving: A Family Forged in Fire

By Lisa Van Wyk  ·  December 5th, 2013  ·  Posted in Family  · 

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without giving thanks for my family. Even though ours was birthed in the most unlikely places, my husband Tim and I have forged a love strong enough to overcome a fiery start, an array of differences, and many faults.  From a long distance relationship, a nervous engagement, and a colicky child; through dead ends, winding roads, financial hardships, and lonely nights; and finally to a settled assurance that we weren’t made for each other, we made each other better. Tim completely complements me.  I couldn’t be who I am without him.  He makes me wiser and […]

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